Tuesday, May 8, 2012

With Heavy Hearts

We have some unexpected and discouraging news to share this week.  On Friday we received the following email from the director of our adoption agency:

Jessica & Daniel:

I’m told the foster family who applied to adopt Masha was considered today by a commission of 10 people.  6 voted for the foster parents.  4 voted against them.  So . . . The foster family has been approved.  Masha is to be moved to their home on May 12. 

Unless the family changes their mind or the placement should fail, you will not be able to pursue adopting Masha.  The representative who advocates for these children says she has several other girls who need families but we haven’t yet been told what their needs are.  I want to give you time to absorb this news and we’ll move on when you feel the time is right.

I’m extremely disappointed with this decision.  I can only imagine how you must feel about this news.

This was not what we were hoping to hear, but we know that God’s plans are bigger than ours.  Based on the email above and other adoption accounts, there is still a chance that things may not work out with the foster family.  Jessica and I are still pushing to finalize our paperwork in case something falls through.  Timing-wise we are still expecting to finish up sometime later in May.

Although the news is discouraging, Jess and I have been encouraged by three different things: 
First, we know that God is in control of every element of the process.   He put Maria on our hearts.  He directed us to pursue her and gave us a number of really cool confirmations along the way.  The same God also controlled the commission of 10 people who voted on Friday.  We know that He is still in control.
Second, our continuing pursuit of Maria even when the outcome seems unlikely has reminded Jess and I about how God has pursued us throughout our lives, even when we have at times rejected or run away from Him.  We are so glad that He never stops chasing us!  He is faithful, even when we have not been.  God didn’t give up on us, and we’re not giving up on Maria until she is home with us or the door is completely closed.
Finally, the thought that a little girl who has lived with no family for the first five years of her life is now wanted by two different families is very exciting for her.  Certainly we want Maria here with us, but the fact that she will soon leave the orphanage one way or the other is a very good thing for her.

Please keep us in your prayers this week.  I think more importantly, please keep Maria in your prayers this week.  We are praying that God would do what is best for her…whether it’s a Russian foster family or a permanent American home!