Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday January 12, 2012

The next morning I got up before Daniel and I couldn’t get that little girl out of my head. I began thinking what it would be like to be her mother, to have her as our child, how much our lives would change, so many thoughts… When Daniel got up, we talked a little bit about the night before.

Later that morning we received a response from the contact at Reece’s Rainbow, who put us in contact with an adoption agency called HAPS. The contact at HAPS told us Dana’s real name was “Daria” but that she went by the nickname “Dasha.” She explained that orphans are generally transferred to an institution at age 5, and since Dana is already 5½, there’s an imminent risk that she will be transferred at any time. The woman from HAPS also asked us a bunch of questions about ourselves. Daniel forwarded her email to me, and after reading all the questions she asked about us, I thought, “This is crazy – we’re so not qualified for this. How would they ever let us adopt this girl?” With those thoughts, I responded to Daniel’s email with, “If we actually do this and get this little girl, it’ll only be by the grace of God.”

That night Daniel and I sat down together and made a list of positive thoughts, questions/concerns we had, and even doubtful thoughts. We concluded that the doubtful thoughts were nothing compared to the privilege of getting to become parents to this little girl.

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